WoollyDoc is the ideal journal to express your individuality.


Check out our handmade and refillable 6" x 8" journal with a choice of either handmade paper or manufactured 100% recycled paper!  Click on the "Shop" tab above, and then click on "Journals".    


A WoollyDoc is a unique refillable journal.  Its flexible binding opens and closes which allows you to rearrange, remove, and add paper as needed.  This binding also allows you to use any number of our different cover styles.

We offer various styles of WoollyDoc journals, refill paper, covers, and storage accessories.  Please click on the Shop button above to explore our product offerings.







WoollyDoc cares about the environment and is proud to be a Reforestation Partner with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit organization that works in regions across the world to reforest and replenish our landscape with healthy trees.  As a Reforestation Partner, WoollyDoc donates a portion of its sales revenue to One Tree Planted to assist with the organization's tree planting efforts.


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