About WoollyDoc

We enjoy using pocket journals for various forms of jotting.  Eventually, though, we became tired of frequently needing to replace disposable pocket journals.  So, we decided to introduce our new practical and stylish 3" x 5" pocket journal, the WoollyDoc. 


In contrast to mass produced pocket journals, the WoollyDoc has a handmade feel.  Some of its styles may have a bit of a rustic look.  Other styles might be fashion-forward.  We like to say that the journal is woolly.  Why?  In today's hectic world, the WoollyDoc still celebrates your individuality.  Just like you, it can move forward by taking a number of different paths.   


Unlike ordinary pocket journals, the WoollyDoc is longer lasting with flexible features.  Because its binding opens and closes, it is highly adaptable, allowing you to remove and add paper to the WoollyDoc as you wish.  In addition, we offer different kinds of refill paper to meet your individual needs. 


Perhaps best of all, because the WoollyDoc binding opens and closes, you can choose from and use a number of different cover options for your pocket journal.  See our Covers section on the Shop page above.  You might try mixing and matching different cover styles on the front and back of your pocket journal.


You can use your WoollyDoc for a single purpose such as sketching.  Or, it can become a handy all-in-one journal for sketching, making shopping lists, jotting down work or office tasks, taking notes, writing poems, and doing calculations, just to name a few.  The choice is yours.  Make this unique, cool, and custom journal your own.  


After receiving a number of suggestions and requests from our customers, we also introduced our WoollyDoc handmade 6" x 8" journal that comes with two paper options:  100% recycled paper or handmade paper. 


Please see our product offerings on this site.


We are a husband and wife run small business, and we greatly appreciate our customers.  Please email us at: thewoollydoc@gmail.com and let us know what you like about the WoollyDoc as well as any suggestions for its improvement.  


Thanks, and woolly on!

Bruce and Susan